2019年8月8日 星期四

Who Still Calls it a ‘Glass Ceiling?’ Not the 6 Women Running for President 6女性參選美總統 誰還提玻璃天花板?

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紐時周報精選 Who Still Calls it a 'Glass Ceiling?' Not the 6 Women Running for President 6女性參選美總統 誰還提玻璃天花板?
Lang Lang Is Back: A Piano Superstar Grows Up 郎朗再出發 天王鋼琴家長大了
Who Still Calls it a 'Glass Ceiling?' Not the 6 Women Running for President 6女性參選美總統 誰還提玻璃天花板?
文/Maya Salam

6女性參選美總統 誰還提玻璃天花板?

Sen. Kamala Harris is prepared to "break things."


Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she would "persist."


Sen. Amy Klobuchar has challenged voters to discount women "at your own peril," while Rep. Tulsi Gabbard insisted that a presidential race with six women is not an anomaly but "what an election should look like."


The women running for president are promising many things as they make their pitches to voters. They are being asked repeatedly how being women may affect their chances. But so far, none of them are emphasizing the "glass ceiling."


In politics, the phrase became associated with the aspirations of Hillary Clinton, who spoke at key moments of success and defeat about cracking the glass ceiling. But in this barrier-breaking field of female candidates, it is noticeably absent.


"Words have their moments, especially colloquialisms," said linguist Robin Lakoff, professor emerita at the University of California, Berkeley, whose 1975 book, "Language and Woman's Place," helped create the field of gender linguistics. "Often, after a word or phrase gets a lot of use, people simply stop using it — because we like to sound original and this one seems tired."


Which is not to say it is entirely verboten — or that metaphorical ceilings are not actually being shattered. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted the term this month as part of a pledge for gender parity in national security, while Marianne Williamson notes on her campaign website that the "proverbial glass ceiling" is one of the things holding women back.


Aside from the record-breaking number of female candidates for president — along with those serving in Congress — there are more women CEOs in the Fortune 500 than ever before (though, of course, that number is still just 33), and a recent study published in the journal American Psychologist found that a majority of Americans believe women are just as competent as men — if not more.


"It's a pretty dramatic shift," said Alice Eagly, a social psychologist at Northwestern University who led the work, analyzing public perceptions over 70 years.



玻璃天花板(glass ceiling)是比喻說法,是對職場上女性、少數族群和非主流團體設置升遷上限,不易察覺,也未獲公開承認。

類似說法是「大理石天花板」(marble ceiling),強調對女性的歧視非常深,比玻璃難打破。2007年1月3日,加州民主黨籍聯邦眾議員波洛西當選眾院議長,成為美國首位女性議長,她在演講時說:For our daughters and granddaughters, today, we have broken the marble ceiling.「彩繪玻璃天花板」(stained glass ceiling)則指宗教團體中女性不易升到領導職位。

體現性別平等(gender parity),就不會有玻璃天花板。parity是指在數量、狀態或品質上平等。相反字是disparity(不平等),如貧富差距(wealth disparity)、城鄉差距(rural-urban disparity)。imparity也是不平等,但較罕用。

Lang Lang Is Back: A Piano Superstar Grows Up 郎朗再出發 天王鋼琴家長大了
文/Michael Cooper

郎朗再出發 鋼琴明星長大了

It was late one afternoon this spring, and Madison Square Garden's 19,000 seats were empty as Billy Joel and Lang Lang began jamming onstage.


Pop's piano man had invited the superstar classical pianist to make a guest appearance at his sold-out April show at the Garden, and they were rehearsing a duet of Joel's "Root Beer Rag" during the soundcheck, taking it from fast to blisteringly fast.


Then they started goofing around. Suddenly they were trading riffs from Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto. They teamed up on some Bach. Finally, with Joel's band looking on in surprise, the two launched into the thunderous opening of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1.


It was as good a sign as any that Lang — the world's most famous, and bankable, concert pianist — still has his chops, after a career-threatening injury to his left arm in 2017 sidelined him for more than a year.


After rebuilding his strength and technique, he is returning in earnest this fall. He is again appearing with the world's leading orchestras. He is again promoting a new album — his first in several years — as few other classical musicians can, with appearances on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "Good Morning America."


And he is again arousing the suspicion, if not outright hostility, of the classical field by applying lessons from the pop world to his career, trying to navigate a delicate balance between popularization and artistic integrity.


But he insists he is not the same man, or musician. Lang — who long maintained that his greatest fear was an injury that would leave him unable to play the piano, and therefore, as he once put it, "render me useless for life" — spent his forced sabbatical taking stock.


"I used the time," Lang said in an interview, "to rethink everything I do."


His health crisis hit at a pivotal moment. Lang, who recently turned 37, is at an age when he must navigate the next leg of the journey from wunderkind to mature — even veteran — artist. Such transitions are not easy, noted conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, a mentor of Lang's and a former child prodigy himself.


"Either the child goes and the prodigy remains," Barenboim said, "or the prodigy goes and the child remains."


That Lang has taken the first course is evident to conductor Franz Welser-Möst, music director of the Cleveland Orchestra, who has known the pianist since Lang was a teenager.


"We all go through phases, and I think there was a time when success sort of started to have a negative influence on him," Welser-Möst said. "Then he was out of the business for health reasons for quite some time, which was a shock for him.


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