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The Flood: First Pulse 洪水生死線:大水來襲

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The Flood: First Pulse  洪水生死線:大水來襲
by Lauren McCarthy


  The Okavango Delta is a stunning natural phenomenon. During Botswana’s dry winter season, this landform transforms into an amazing oasis in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. This inland delta is a rarity because it is not located where a river meets another body of water. The Okavango is also unusual because a substantial part of this delta dries up every year. Yet, before that happens, the flooded delta supports one of Africa’s largest concentrations of wildlife. In The Flood: First Pulse, National Geographic examines how this phenomenon happens and how it changes life in the middle of the desert.
  The origins of the flooding of the Okavango Delta begin northwest of the Kalahari in the highlands of Angola. Here summer rainfall travels down the Okavango River. However, the river doesn’t flow towards the sea, but goes inland. Over a period of several months, nearly three billion gallons of water flood into the Okavango Delta with water levels peaking around May or June. This annual occurrence turns the area into a lush habitat for a vast wildlife population, many of which flock to the delta only for the winter.
  Life in this desert oasis before the flood is largely different from the vast ecosystem found there in the winter. During the summer months, the delta is a fraction of the size that it is after the flooding. This means water and resources are more scarce. Cheetahs, leopards, and lions dominate the dry grasslands. Temperatures soar and afternoon thunderstorms are unpredictable and offer little relief. However, this intense struggle lessens as the first waters of the winter flood replenish the delta. The Flood offers a fascinating look into this cycle of renewal that occurs deep in the Kalahari Desert.

delta n. 三角洲
landform n. 地形
oasis n. 綠洲
rarity n. 極為罕見,稀有
highlands n. 高地,高原(恆用複數)
fraction n. 小部分,少量
cheetah n. 獵豹
unpredictable a. 無法預測的
replenish vt. 重新裝滿;補充
renewal n. 恢復;重新開始
 renew vt. 更新

1. pulse n. 脈搏;脈衝
• A pulse that is too quick may indicate high blood pressure.

2. stunning a. 極美的,極具吸引力的
• We stood on the balcony and drank in the stunning view of the sunset.
*drink in sth / drink sth in  享受地品味某事物

3. inland a. 內陸的(僅用於名詞前)&
adv. 在內地;向內陸
• Judy, having lived in an inland city for most of her life, has never seen the ocean.

4. substantial a. 大量的,多的
• Paul lost a substantial amount of money when the stock market crashed.

5. concentration n. 集中,聚集;濃度
• The concentration of geothermal wonders in the park is found nowhere else on Earth.
*geothermal a. 地熱的

6. occurrence n. 發生;事件
• Postnatal depression is a common occurrence for many women who have recently given birth.
*postnatal a. 產後的

7. lush a.(植物)茂盛的
• Sophie lives in a small village surrounded by lush hills.

8. habitat n.(動植物的)棲息地/生活環境
• All of us must do our part to preserve the natural habitat of those butterflies.

9. dominate vt. 主宰,支配
• Daniel tends to dominate the conversation every time there’s a meeting.

10. soar vi. 驟升;猛增
• With oil and food prices soaring, inflation is looming.
*loom vi. 逼近,隱約出現

11. lessen vi. & vt. 減少,降低
• The noise lessened as the train got farther away.
• A low-sodium and low-fat diet can lessen the risk of high blood pressure.

12. fascinating a. 迷人的,極具吸引力的
• This novel is so fascinating that I can’t put it down.

1. transform into...  轉變/化為……
• In some cultures, foxes are seen as clever, magical beings with the power to transform into humans.

2. in the heart of...  在……的中心地帶
• Anna’s apartment is located in the heart of the city.

3. dry up  乾涸;枯竭,耗盡
• The pond dried up in the scorching summer heat.
• Jobs in this country have begun to dry up due to the prevailing economic depression.
*prevailing a. 盛行的;流行的

4. flock to...  蜂擁至/成群結隊地去……
• Hundreds of fans flocked to the movie theater in hopes of seeing the superstar.

peak vi. 達到頂峰/最高水平
peak at + 數字  最高達……(數字)
• The jigsaw puzzle craze peaked at an astounding 10 million sales per week in the US in 1933.
1933 年,美國的拼圖熱潮達到巔峰,每個星期可以賣出驚人的一千萬幅拼圖。
*jigsaw n. 拼圖玩具
以下介紹 peak 作形容詞及名詞的用法及其相關片語:
a. peak a. 最高峰的,巔峰時期/狀態的
peak times / season / demand
• At peak times, bumper-to-bumper traffic can extend for miles.
b. at sb’s/sth’s peak  
• As everyone knows, a well-balanced breakfast allows people to perform at their peak.
c. at the peak of sth  在某事物的巔峰
• It is very difficult to book a hotel room at the peak of tourist season.
d. reach sb’s/sth’s peak  
• The well-known tennis player, Pete Sampras, reached his peak in the 1990s.
網球名將皮特.山普拉斯於 1990 年代到達巔峰。
e. peaks and troughs  起起落落
trough n. 低谷,蕭條期
• The peaks and troughs of the radio signal made it hard for Sandy to concentrate on the weather forecast.



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