2017年2月6日 星期一

Continent 7: Antarctica  第七大陸:南極洲

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Continent 7: Antarctica  第七大陸:南極洲
by Marcus Maurice

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

  At around 14 million square kilometers, Antarctica is a massive land mass that is twice the size of Australia and even bigger than the European continent. The harsh climate of Antarctica makes it virtually impossible to travel to or live on for any length of time, but many people go there to do cutting-edge research on the environment. This month, National Geographic Channel (NGC) shows a series, Continent 7: Antarctica, about the people who work at the coldest place on Earth.
  Six different teams of scientists went to Antarctica to study the effects of climate change in the vast wilderness. Scott Base, New Zealand's research station in Antarctica, was the hub for all of these scientists on the show. One team of researchers is interested in hopping onto Ross Ice Shelf, a floating piece of ice that is the size of France. Another team travels to Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano on Earth.
  Besides the harsh conditions of the brutally cold weather, people's trips are fraught with danger when they are in Antarctica. Strong winds can blow away tents and equipment in seconds. Since most of the traveling is done on ice, heavy machinery can cause cracks or big holes on unknown surfaces. The scientists and survival experts know the dangers involved, but they care about the future of the planet so much that they want to help protect it for upcoming generations. If you are interested in what it takes to work in one of Earth's harshest climates, then check out Continent 7: Antarctica on NGC this month.

  1. continent n. 大陸,洲
  2. mysterious a. 神祕的
    衍: mystery n. 謎團;神祕難解的事物
    Deaths from the mysterious disease have been increasing at an alarming rate.
    *at an alarming rate  以驚人的速度
    The reasons behind Dr. Todd's murder have remained a mystery for many years.
  3. massive a. 巨大的;大規模的
    A massive earthquake threw the nation into chaos.
    *chaos n. 亂象(不可數)
  4. harsh a. 嚴酷的,惡劣的
    I had no idea this plant would be able to thrive under such harsh conditions.
    *thrive vi. 茂盛,健壯,茁壯
  5. virtually adv. 幾乎
    同: practically adv.
    It is virtually impossible to find a portrait of an ancient Egyptian whose eyes are not decorated with eye shadow.
  6. length n. 長度
    衍: 數字 + in length  長度方面(有……)
    = 數字 + long
    go to great lengths to V  竭盡所能做……
    A football field measures 100 yards in length.
    Sally went to great lengths to get her
    ex-boyfriend back, but it didn't work out in the end.
  7. cutting-edge a. 最先進的;最頂尖的
  8. vast a. 廣大的,巨大的
    It is noteworthy that as small as atoms are, they contain vast amounts of energy.
    *noteworthy a. 值得注意的
    atom n. 原子
  9. floating a. 漂浮的
    衍: float vi. 漂浮
    The volunteers tried to clean up all the floating garbage out of the river.
    This bar of soap is so light that it floats on the water.
  10. an active volcano  活火山(隨時可能爆發的火山)
    衍: an extinct volcano  死火山(已無爆發可能的火山)
    a dormant volcano  休火山(目前無爆發跡象的火山)
  11. brutally adv. 嚴苛地;粗暴地
    衍: brutal a. 殘忍的;野蠻的
    The Taliban was accused of brutally oppressing ethnic and religious minorities.
    *be accused of...  被指控??
    oppress vt. 壓迫,壓制
    ethnic a. 種族的
    The brutal government refused to give the citizens the right to speak freely.
  12. crack n. 裂縫 & vt. & vi.(使)破裂
    I noticed that there were a couple of small cracks in the window.
    Timmy cracked the nut in half with his teeth.
    Mom reminded me that I shouldn't pour boiling water in the cold glass, or it will crack.
  13. survival n. 生存,倖存
    衍: survive vi. 存活 & vt. 熬過
    Global warming is posing a threat to human survival.
    *pose a threat to...  對……構成威脅
    Eighty people were killed in the plane crash, and 20 survived.
    Willy survived the tough period after his mother's death.
  14. upcoming a. 即將來臨的
    衍: up-and-coming a. 有前途的,有希望的
    The fishermen took measures to protect their boats from the upcoming storm.
    David is an up-and-coming painter in the avant-garde art scene.
    *avant-garde a. 前衛的

mass n. 團;塊
wilderness n. 荒野,無人煙處
hub n. 中心;樞紐
machinery n. 機器(集合名詞,不可數)
衍: machine n. 機械(可數)
by machine  用機器做

  1. the size of...  和……同樣大小
    同: as large as...
    The diamond in Carol's ring is about the size of a bird egg.
  2. hop onto...  跳到……上
    Rudolph hopped onto a boat and was ready to go sailing.
  3. be fraught with...  充滿……(常指不愉快的事)
    fraught a. 充滿的,滿載的
    The mountain path was fraught with hidden dangers.

  佔地約一千四百萬平方公里的南極洲是一個巨大陸塊,它是澳洲的兩倍大且甚至比歐洲大陸還要大。南極洲的嚴峻氣候讓人幾乎不可能前往該地或居住一陣子,不過許多人前去對環境做最先進的研究。本月國家地理頻道(NGC)將推出關於在地球上最寒冷之地工作的人們 —— 《第七大陸:南極洲》系列。
  六個不同團隊的科學家到南極洲研究這片廣大荒漠的氣候變遷。紐西蘭在南極洲的研究站 —— 斯科特基地,是該節目中所有科學家的中心。其中一個團隊的研究員對躍上羅斯冰棚感到興致勃勃,那是一塊和法國面積一樣大的漂流冰塊。另一個團隊則是前往埃里伯斯火山,那是地球上最南端的活火山。
  除了冷冽氣候這樣的嚴苛環境,人們在南極洲也會碰到許多危險。強風可在數秒內吹走帳篷以及器材。由於大部份的旅程是在冰上,厚重的機器會在未知的表面上造成裂痕或大洞。科學家及生存專家知道其中的危險,不過他們太關心這個星球的未來,讓他們想要為了未來的世代去保護它。如果你對觀看在地球上其中一個最嚴峻氣候的運作感興趣的話,那就來看看這個月的國家地理頻道 —— 《第七大陸:南極洲》。


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