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The Biggest Refugee Camp Braces for Rain: ‘This Is Going to Be a Catastrophe’ 雨季將至 最大難民營危在旦夕

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編輯小語 The Biggest Refugee Camp Braces for Rain: 'This Is Going to Be a Catastrophe' 雨季將至 最大難民營危在旦夕
Dial P for Privacy: The Phone Booth Is Back 撥打P找隱私:電話亭捲土重來
The Biggest Refugee Camp Braces for Rain: 'This Is Going to Be a Catastrophe' 雨季將至 最大難民營危在旦夕
Somini Sengupta and Henry Founta

The world's largest refugee camp, a temporary home to more than half a million people that sprawls precariously across barren hills in southeastern Bangladesh, faces a looming disaster as early as April when the first storms of the monsoon season hit, aid workers warn.

"It's going to be landslides, flash floods, inundation," said Tommy Thompson, chief of emergency support and response for the World Food Program. "It's going to be a very, very challenging wet season. That's if we don't have a cyclone."



Nearly 600,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees live in the camp, at Cox's Bazar, near the southern tip of Bangladesh. Cyclones, which can occur from March to July, would considerably worsen the situation beyond the dangers of flooding and landslides.

The Rohingya camp — known officially as the Kutupalong-Balukhali settlements, and informally as the megacamp — is the most urgent example of the new calamities that come with the global refugee crisis: a huge influx of desperate people fleeing war or persecution, only to face natural disaster in an ecologically fragile area potentially made more precarious by climate change.



"We can definitely see how this is going to be a catastrophe, no matter what," said Mélody Braun, who studies risk reduction strategies at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society at Columbia University and visited the camp last month. "There's really no space. People are everywhere. Slopes are really high."

Before the Rohingya started crossing into Bangladesh from Myanmar in large numbers in the summer, fleeing attacks on their villages by the army and allied mobs, the hills were dotted with forest.



But then, in a matter of weeks, as refugees poured in by the tens of thousands, trees were hacked away. Canals were dug. Bamboo-and-tarp shacks went up. More trees were cut as refugees scrambled to find firewood.

The hills, where elephants recently roamed, are now bare. Even the roots have been pulled out, leaving nothing to hold the parched soil together as rainwater washes downhill, potentially taking tents and people with it and quickly inundating low-lying settlements. The United Nations says 100,000 refugees are at acute risk from landslides and floods.

The early rains — known in Bengali as kalboishakhi, which translates loosely as the storms of an "evil summer" — are a precursor to the full-on monsoons. They strike when the soil is still dry and especially susceptible to mudslides. The only warning of their approach is usually hot winds that send the dry earth of summer swirling through the air.





本文談孟加拉洛興雅難民營的環境遭破壞,勢必經不起季風雨的沖刷而發生災難。印度季風(Indian monsoon)是世界著名的季風系統,主要影響印度及其周邊海域,在六月和七月給這個區域帶來豐沛雨量。monsoon可以指季風、盛行西南季風的季節或季風帶來的雨,通常指「雨季」或 「季風帶來的雨」。

本文首段的sprawls(蔓延)是指「難民營」,不是「五十多萬人」。新聞英文經常用到的是urban sprawl(城市無計劃地擴展),特徵是低密度住宅區、對私家車的依賴漸增,通常伴隨著能源使用量增加、汙染與交通壅塞變嚴重、社區向心力下降。


華盛頓郵報專欄作家亞歷山德拉.佩特里最近撰文,美國國會是one of the checks and balances holding our democracy precariously in place,倘若川普硬幹,國會共和黨人絕不會坐視不管。

Dial P for Privacy: The Phone Booth Is Back 撥打P找隱私:電話亭捲土重來
文/Dodai Stewart

For much of the 20th century, the phone booth was a steadfast and essential installation of modern life, from bustling cities to tumbleweed-strewn desert gas stations. Tippi Hedren was attacked in one in "The Birds," Clark Kent frequently changed into Superman in one and Bill and Ted used one to time-travel on their excellent adventure. In "The Matrix," a phone booth was a portal — an exit device from the digital realm.

But to lay eyes upon a phone booth now — be it the charming old jungle-green one tucked in the back of the restaurant Indochine, in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, or one of the four remaining sidewalk booths on the Upper West Side — is to glimpse a relic of a seemingly ancient civilization.

在20世紀的多數時候,從熙熙攘攘的城市到風滾草滿佈的沙漠加油站,電話亭是現代生活中,忠實且不可或缺的一個裝置。 希區考克代表作《鳥》一片中,女主角蒂比海德倫在電話亭內遭到鳥群攻擊。克拉克.肯特常在電話亭內變身成《超人》,阿比和阿弟在他們精彩的冒險中,利用電話亭成為時空旅人。在電影《駭客任務》中,電話亭是一個傳送門,是踏出數位領域的出口裝置。

不過,現在看到電話亭 ,有如瞥見看似來自古文明的一個老古董,無論它是藏身在曼哈坦諾荷街區印度支那餐廳後方,那個迷人的叢林綠色電話亭,或是上西城人行道上四個僅存電話亭中的一個。

As mobile phone use exploded and the pay phone was increasingly linked to crime, the booth began to disappear. At the same time, workplaces saw the rise of the open floor plan. We all saw (and heard) a proliferation of mobile phones, and with it, the irritating, distracting sound of a one-sided conversation from your cubicle mate.

Lauren Emberson, then a psychology Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, called it a "halfalogue." As she put it in the publication Psychological Science: "I really felt like I couldn't do anything else when someone was on a cellphone. I couldn't read. I couldn't even listen to my music."



Now, the phone booth — or at least a variation of it — is making a modest comeback.

When the women-only club and work space the Wing opened its first location in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan in October 2016, the interior featured marble tables, pink velvet couches, and one small, windowless, reflective glass-doored room dubbed the Phone Booth. One year later, when another location of the Wing opened in SoHo, eight built-in, glass-doored call rooms were included in the design.




讓城市呼吸 ── 淨化空氣的苔蘚牆
德國新創公司聲稱他們的產品 ── 一臺名為城市樹木的移動裝置 (其實是苔蘚栽培) ── 過濾空氣中二氧化碳的能力相當於兩百七十五棵樹。
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