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Mission Critical 危險任務

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Mission Critical 危險任務
by Marcus Maurice & Ivy Liu

NGC photographers travel to all parts of the world to raise awareness on dire issues, such as wildlife conservation.

  Steve Winter is one of the best photographers National Geographic has. He truly cares about the animals that he photographs and believes that a single photo can change the world. His mission is to bring big cats, including leopards and cougars, to the forefront. Winter took a picture of a cougar near the Hollywood sign in California, and everyone thought it was photoshopped. This particular picture has raised awareness of the struggles facing big cats and other animals in urban environments. Talks of conservation, such as building a wildlife tunnel across one of the busiest highways in the world for cougars, have been discussed. It was because of this single photo that led to him working on Mission Critical: Leopards at the Door for National Geographic Channel (NGC).
  In Mission Critical, Winter's goal is to photograph the leopards of Mumbai, India, living close to the city with a population of around 24 million people. Winter finds the perfect spot on a walkway near an apartment complex and has his crew go to work. They build a camera rig with bamboo scaffolding, and then they attach cameras and lights to the branches. This way, some stunning shots can be easily captured at leopard level. The big cats only come out at night, so Winter must remotely work using infrared sensors.
  To get the perfect shot, Winter typically has to wait months on end. Eventually, he gets his shots for Mission Critical as the biggest leopard of the bunch, Big Daddy, shows up on the walkway. Those dedicated to filming these beautiful, mighty creatures firmly believe that photography can make the future of coexistence between big cats and humans in urban places possible. With this enlightening show, people can better understand why NGC's photographers love what they do and how these types of pictures hold the power to change the world.

  1. mission n. 任務
  2. critical a. 危急的;關鍵性的,極重要的
    衍: be in critical condition  處於危急的狀況
    be in stable condition  處於穩定的狀況
    The patient is still in critical condition so he is being monitored day and night.
    Efficient management is of critical importance to a successful company.
  3. photographer n. 攝影師
    衍: photography n. 攝影業;攝影術
    photograph n. 相片,照片(常縮寫為 photo)& vt. 照相
    photogenic a. 上鏡頭的
    take a photograph of...  拍……的照片
    take a photograph for sb  代替某人(做)拍照(的工作)
    Helen does not like to be photographed.
    Sally is a very photogenic girl.
    Clara loves to take photographs of old buildings.
    When you go to Paris, can you take a photograph of the Eiffel Tower for me?
  4. dire a. 極度的;極嚴重的,可怕的
    衍: be in dire straits  處於困境
    We were in dire straits and had no one to turn to for help.
  5. conservation n. 保育;保護
    衍: conserve vt. 保育;節約(自然資源)
    The international conservation group condemned the poachers for killing endangered animals.
    *poacher n. 盜獵者
    New laws have been regulated to conserve wildlife in that mountain area.
    You should try to conserve water when you brush your teeth.
  6. photoshop vt. 用 Photoshop 軟體編輯圖片 & n.(大寫)一套數位影像軟體
  7. struggle n. 掙扎;難事 & vi. 努力;掙扎
    衍: struggle to V  努力……
    struggle for / against...  努力爭取/對抗……
    Climbing up the mountain was a struggle, but I'm glad I made it.
    There are many families struggling to survive on low incomes.
    The puppy struggled for hours to break free from the cage.
  8. complex n. 綜合樓群;情結 & a. 複雜的
  9. crew n. 全體工作人員(集合名詞,不可數)
    衍: a crew of 20 / 50  二十/五十位工作人員
    We have a crew of 20 on our ship.
    = We have 20 crew members on our ship.
  10. typically adv. 通常,典型地
    Typically, I enjoy going to the movies on Sunday afternoons.
  11. mighty a. 強有力的
    同: powerful a.
    Terry was a mighty man who could lift a car off the ground.
  12. enlightening a. 有啟迪作用的;具啟發性的
    衍: enlighten vt. 啟發
    enlighten sb on sth  啟發某人某事
    The conversation with my grandmother was rather enlightening.
    The speech enlightened us on the importance of recycling.

leopard n. 花豹,美洲豹
cougar n. 美洲獅
tunnel n. 隧道,地道
衍: channel n. 水道
rig n. 承架;裝備
scaffolding n. 鷹架
infrared a. 紅外線的
衍: ultraviolet a. 紫外線的
bunch n. 一群;一束
衍: a bunch of...  一群/一束……
coexistence n. 共存

  1. bring... to the forefront  使……成為關注焦點
  2. attach A to B  將 A 繫在/固定在 B 上
    attach vt. 繫住;固定;使附著
    衍: be attached to...  被固定在/附著在??上
    Jerry attached the speakers to his laptop.
    There is a trailer attached to this truck.
    *trailer n. 拖車
  3. on end  連續地(不與數字並用)
    比較  in a row  連續地(與數字並用)
    Jim sometimes plays computer games for days on end.
    Poor Chris was sick for five days in a row last week.
  4. be dedicated to N/V-ing  致力於(做)……
    同: be devoted to N/V-ing
    = dedicate oneself to N/V-ing
    = devote oneself to N/V-ing
    = commit oneself to N/V-ing
    衍: devote A to B  將 A 奉獻給/致力於 B
    The firefighters were dedicated to rescuing the people from the burning building.
    Dr. Chen has devoted himself to researching lung cancer for the past 20 years.
    Dr. Robinson devoted his whole life to taking care of the poor.




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